Net Impact Conference #NI14

Net Imapct 2014 Minneapolis

This week we are attending the 2014 Net Impact Conference. And, lucky enough, it is being hosted in our own hometown of Minneapolis! 

As a mission-driven organization, we strive for transparency, authenticity, and most importantly  growth (ethically and financially). It's no easy task, but it's the right way to do business.

To be honest, opportunities to mingle with like-minded social-enterprises are few...but incredibly refreshing. 

We are looking forward to hearing from corporate sustainability executives from Best Buy, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, as well as non-profits like The Nature Conservancy, the Rainforest Alliance and Conservation International. say the least we are pretty excited!

In the face of climate-change, deforestation and unprecedented landfill-waste — it helps to have make some friends with people who are just as serious about changing this world as you are. Cheers to joining others in a brighter future, for all of us.