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for wiping up

Tree-free tissue

Bim Bam Boo is made of 100% bamboo (the world's fastest growing plant). Bring our tissue products into your home with a clean (pun intended) conscience.

Life-changing? Totally, but mostly for the earth.


for picnics and parties

Compostable tableware

Compo eco-friendly plates, bowls, cups & utensils → tree-free, petro-free and guilt-free tableware, perfect for your next gathering! 



Zero-waste compostables are our thing. We believe in  pioneering a future beyond tree and petro-based throwaway products.  After all, we only have one earth.

Partnering with us gives your customers the opportunity to take part in our zero-waste vision, and position your company as a part of the solution. 

And after you're setup with our products, our team will work with you to promote your success through custom signage designed to showcase your sustainability efforts. We got your back.



We only work with the best materials nature has to offer. Whether that's engineering bio-plastic cups from corn, super soft tissue. Count on us for the best quality products.

SEE our products

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It runs in the family

A daughter father company

 The founders of our social-enterprise are a daughter-father team. Their deep roots in creating bestselling brands and building successful companies. Phil Levin and Zoe Levin founded Ecosentials to answer a simple question, "Is there a way to make paper products that combat deforestation?". Joining together Phil's extensive background in marketing consumer products to mass retailers, supermarkets and warehouse clubs, and Zoe's passion for the environment and brand building — they created the first full-service tree-free paper company.